Double Quintet

Double Brass Quintet is an increasingly successful instrumentation. With recordings by the Canadian Brass and the principal brass players from major orchestras, the potential and interest in music for two quintets has grown. This is also an excellent combination for performances at graduations and commencements.

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Air from Baroquial Suite Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Jeff Smallman Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9919 Price: $25.00 Duration: 3:20
Ave Maria Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Anton Bruckner Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2328 Price: $25.00 Duration: 2:50
Ave Maris Stella from Vespers of the Blessed Virgin Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Claudio Monteverdi Double Brass Quintet
DBQ975 Price: $25.00 Duration: 2:50
Awake the Trumpets Lofty Sound Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
George Frederic Handel Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2122 Price: $25.00 Duration: 3:10
Canzon Duo Decimi Toni a 10 Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Giovanni Gabrieli Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9916 Price: $25.00 Duration: 3:05
Canzon Septimi Toni #2 Difficulty: Medium
Giovanni Gabrieli Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2327 Price: $25.00 Duration: 2:55
Capriol Suite Difficulty: Difficult
Peter Warlock Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2021 Price: $50.00 Duration: 9:40
Celebration Fanfare Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Richard Byrd Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1636 Price: $25.00 Duration: 2:30
Ceremonial Occasion, A Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Kenneth Bray Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9913 Price: $25.00 Duration: 1:50
Concerto for 2 Trumpets (original key of C) Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Antonio Vivaldi Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2529 Price: $30.00 Duration: 7:15
Concerto for 2 Trumpets (transposed into Bb) Difficulty: Medium
Antonio Vivaldi Double Brass Quintet
DBQ976 Price: $30.00 Duration: 7:15
Concerto in D Minor BWV 596 Difficulty: Difficult
Johann Sebastian Bach Double Brass Quintet
DBQ964 Price: $40.00 Duration: 9:32
Deus in Adjutorium Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Claudio Monteverdi Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1839 Price: $25.00 Duration: 2:05
Enigma Variation #9 - Nimrod Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Edward Elgar Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9918 Price: $20.00 Duration: 2:50
Fanfare from La Peri Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Paul Dukas Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1032 Price: $25.00 Duration: 1:45
Fantasy on Adeste Fideles Difficulty: Medium
Lloyd Barnhouse Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2931 Price: $25.00 Duration: 4:30
Finale from Symphony 1 Difficulty: Difficult
Ludwig van Beethoven Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9912 Price: $25.00 Duration: 4:50
First Suite in Eb - Chaconne Difficulty: Difficult
Gustav Holst Double Brass Quintet
DBQ962 Price: $25.00 Duration: 4:00
First Suite in Eb - March Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Gustav Holst Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2225 Price: $25.00 Duration: 3:15
Grand Procession Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Jeff Smallman Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9917 Price: $25.00 Duration: 3:45
Hallelujah, Amen from Judas Maccabeus Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
George Frederic Handel Double Brass Quintet
DBQ977 Price: $20.00 Duration: 1:45
Highlights from Pictures at an Exhibition Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Modest Mussorgsky Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2123 Price: $40.00 Duration: 11:45
Hungarian March from the Damnation of Faust Difficulty: Medium
Hector Berlioz Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1233 Price: $25.00 Duration: 5:00
In Dulci Jubilo Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Michael Praetorius Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2730 Price: $25.00 Duration: 0:00
Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Pietro Mascagni Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2124 Price: $25.00 Duration: 2:25
King s March - Military Festival March Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Johann Strauss Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1334 Price: $25.00 Duration: 4:20
Largo from Symphony From the New World Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Antonin Dvorak Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9911 Price: $20.00 Duration: 4:00
Music for the Royal Fireworks Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
George Frederic Handel Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9910 Price: $40.00 Duration: 12:40
Nesciens Mater Difficulty: Medium
Jean Mouton Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1738 Price: $25.00 Duration: 2:50
Overture Light Cavalry Difficulty: Difficult
Franz von von Suppe Double Brass Quintet
DBQ961 Price: $25.00 Duration: 3:10
Overture to HMS Pinafore Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Arthur Sullivan Double Brass Quintet
DBQ2020 Price: $25.00 Duration: 4:20
Priere a Notre-Dame from Suite Gothique Difficulty: Medium
Leon Boellman Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9914 Price: $25.00 Duration: 4:06
Sonata Sancti Polycarpi Difficulty: Medium
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber Double Brass Quintet
DBQ963 Price: $25.00 Duration: 4:25
Symphony 1, Movement 2 Difficulty: Difficult
Gustav Mahler Double Brass Quintet
DBQ978 Price: $25.00 Duration: 3:40
Toccata Difficulty: Difficult
Girolamo Frescobaldi Double Brass Quintet
DBQ9915 Price: $30.00 Duration: 4:20
Trumpet Voluntary Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
John Bennett Double Brass Quintet
DBQ989 Price: $25.00 Duration: 5:20
Water Music Suite No. 2 Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
George Frederic Handel Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1737 Price: $40.00 Duration: 9:30
Wedding Day at Troldhaugen - Op. 65 No. 6 Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Edvard Grieg Double Brass Quintet
DBQ1635 Price: $30.00 Duration: 6:20

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