Grade 5+

The tradition of the wind band has increased in popularity around the world. Concert bands, brass bands and wind ensembles continue to grow both in numbers and quality. These bands have gained recognition for being both interesting and versatile, no longer a "poor cousin" to the orchestra. The EASTMAN WIND ENSEMBLE is the most famous of the wind ensembles. The beauty of this size of group is that, with only one player to a part, it has a more chamber ensemble sound, with 40 or so players, than what is known as the symphonic band, which can have as many as 150 players.

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American Fanfare Difficulty: Grade 5
James M. Stephenson Concert Band
CB29157 Price: $75.00 Duration: 2:10
Asymmetrical Dance Difficulty: Grade 5
Richard Byrd Concert Band
CB220415 Price: $85.00 Duration: 4:50
Egmont Overture Difficulty: Grade 5
Ludwig van Beethoven Concert Band
CB2268 Price: $78.00 Duration: 7:20
Sonics Difficulty: Grade 6
Donald Coakley Concert Band
CB971 Price: $150.00 Duration: 0:00
The Banks of Newfoundland Difficulty: Grade 5
Howard Cable Concert Band
CB29158 Price: $125.00 Duration: 8:30
Tribal Dance from Iveria Suite Difficulty: Grade 5
Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov Concert Band
CB2045 Price: $72.00 Duration: 4:35
Two Native Legends Difficulty: Grade 5
Max Williams Concert Band
CB2267 Price: $85.00 Duration: 8:50

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