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8 Trumpets

Scenes from the Tournament
Kevin Kaisershot
Arranged by David Marlatt View/Listen
Difficulty: Medium-Difficult Order Code: TE26142
Duration: 8:40 Price: $25.00

Scenes from the Tournament is a five-movement characterization of a medieval jousting tournament. Beginning with the Fanfare - Call to the Lists, the Parade of the Knights follows setting the stage for the opponents to face off and make ready for battle. Just prior to the action however, the individuals pause for Reflections as they make peace with their respective inner feelings about the possible outcome that make take place. From the opening four bars of The Joust the gauntlet has been thrown down. The initial pass gives way to the "re-arming" section. This is followed by the crucial second pass as Victory is won! This work, for 8 trumpets, is showy and fun to play.


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